what we offer

Our history

Our history dates back to 1990 in Hillsboro Oregon. We started out as a Local Area Network system integrator and focused primarly on larger businesses.

We provided network design and support services to The City of Cornelius, The City of Forest Grove, The City of Hillsoro, The City of Fairview, ESCO Corporation, BPA, Intel, Nike, and many major law firms in the downtown Portland metro area. Over the course of time we started suppoting clients in other states, such as Washington, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico and Louisiana. In the late 90's and early 2000's we began limiting our support to Oregon and Washington clientele, focsuing primarily on law offices and legal practitioners.

Today, our business has downsized into a small familly owned and operated computer and IT company, located in Boring, Oregon. It is here in Boring and the surrounding rural areas that we offer a variety of IT services and solutions to smaller businesses and the general public. We also live in this area and look forward to being part of the community for many years to come!