computer services

malware, virus, spyware and adware removal

Is your computer slow? Are you getting continuous "Pop-Ups" every time you get onto the Internet? Is your computer behaving irratically at times? The most likely causes of these problems are "Malware", intrusions that can damage your computer, cause data loss and identiity theft! Call us or bring your computer in today for a complete inspection just $99!

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data recovery services, we'll find what you lost

RDC offers a data recovery service to assist you in finding data that has been misplaced, moved or lost. We'll initiate a backup of your computer prior to any work being performed. In extreme cases where your hard drive has failed and is no longer accessible, there are options for "forced recovery" which may help you still recover from a catastrophic failure!.

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data removal or destruction services

We'll remove, wipe or destroy data from your computer's hard drive. This can include the option of the physical destruction of the hard drive itself. We use certified methods for the wiping of hard drives. However, in some instances, it is preferable to physically destroy the drive thereby insuring the impossibily of data recovery.

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computer upgrades and enhancements

RDC can upgrade your computer's capability by adding additional memory, hard drives, a new or second DVD RW, keyboard or optical mouse. How about a larger monitor or a second monitor? Ask us how we can make your computing experience better! .

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computer repairs, service and maintenance

RDC offers both shop and onsite computer repair services. We can diagnose your computer's failures and help you determine the best course of action. All repairs will be determined by the lifecycle of the computer and cost effectiveness to have it repaired.

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remote support for business customers

RDC offers remote repair support services to our business customers. In many instances we are able to resolve most Windows issues (including Malware problems) via remote access to your computer, including desktop applications, OS and driver updates.

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RDC offers remote backup services to those interested in using "cloud based" storage for their backups. Either personal (desktop) or business caliber (network server) backup services are available. Call for details!

Conducted either quarterly, semi-annual or annually. We professioanlly inspect, clean and test your office computers to keep them running smoothly. A significant amount of computer failures are often attributed to over heating problems due to the build up of dust, dirt and other debris that filters into the computer's chassis over time. This build up if left unattended to may damage the CPU and other electronic components on the Motherboard! Call us for service today!

RDC recycles viable computer products; computers, hard drives, monitors, keyboards, mice and more! If your company is upgrading or replacing older computer systems, we would love to come pick up your discarded computers and computer products for recycling. We'll remove and destroy all data found on any computer given to us, at no charge! Help us reduce eWaste, by recycling, reusing and reducing!

In rare cases where your business data has been lost due to a hard drive failure, either within a desktop or server environment, RDC has additional resources that specialize in deep or forced data recovery from disk media. Although expensive, this process usually allows the customer to recover their data that otherwise through convential means is impossible to obtain. The customer must weigh the importance of their data, and the losss of it against the recovery costs.

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